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to Help Save the World’s

Together with World Wildlife Fund, we are raising consumer awareness about the importance of choosing tissue and towel products made with FSC®-Certified fiber from responsibly managed forests.

Forests' ecosystems are essential in combatting climate change, conserving biodiversity, and supporting local livelihoods. For years, Kimberly-Clark has been dedicated to sourcing fiber from responsibly managed forests to promote these environmental and social benefits.

In 2017, we took this commitment a step further. Through a new collaborative effort with World Wildlife Fund (WWF), we are raising consumer awareness about the importance of choosing towel and tissue products made with fiber from responsibly managed forests certified to the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) standard . Our new “Heart Your Planet” campaign features WWF’s iconic logo on Kimberly-Clark’s North American tissue products that are FSC®-certified, including Kleenex® facial tissue, Scott® paper towels, Viva® paper towels, and Scott® and Cottonelle® bath tissue sold in North America . We are also providing $4 million to support WWF’s efforts to protect forests and other critical ecosystems.

“As a leading participant in WWF’s Global Forest & Trade Network since 2009, Kimberly-Clark has a long-standing commitment to source its fiber from responsibly managed forests,” said Kerry Cesareo, Vice President for Forests at WWF. “Taking these commitments a step further, Kimberly-Clark will work with WWF to bring FSC to the everyday consumer, driving awareness and inspiring action for forest conservation that can yield huge benefits for our planet.”

Corey Brinkema, president of the Forest Stewardship Council in the U.S. said “Across a wide range of products and countries, Kimberly-Clark has demonstrated an enduring commitment to the Forest Stewardship Council. Globally this is reflected in their growing use of FSC, from 7 percent of their virgin fiber in 2006 to more than 80% in 2017 in tissue products. Today their commitment extends beyond responsible sourcing to the education of their consumers about the importance of forest conservation. We applaud the new partnership with WWF, especially its focus on raising consumer awareness of FSC certification and its critical contribution to the health of forests in the U.S. and around the world.”

This marks another important step in Kimberly-Clark’s journey to support responsible forest practices:

2003- First company to require third-party fiber certification of its suppliers

2006 - Began ongoing collaboration with FSC

2009 - Joined WWF’s Global Forest and Trade Network

2011-First U.S. tissue maker to offer branded FSC consumer products with Kleenex® facial tissue

2012 - Expanded FSC certification to Cottonelle®, Scott®, and Viva® branded products

2013 - 100% of all Kimberly-Clark fiber suppliers are certified

2014 - Awarded FSC Leadership Award

2016- Awarded FSC Leadership Award

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