At Kimberly-Clark, we can point to many innovations that have improved energy efficiency and introduced alternative, lower carbon solutions. But Stewart Van Horn, Global Director of Energy Solutions, points out that it wouldn’t be possible without our people.

In 2016, we had multiple energy projects to improve efficiency at our manufacturing facilities, contributing to our absolute GHG emissions reduction goal; and had positive financial impacts.

Teams across the globe have worked diligently to build a culture of conservation, and together we have exceeded our 2016 energy and climate target. As a result, we’ve found new, more efficient ways to generate power using biomass and co-generation and have established programs to conserve energy. This was all made possible by the hard work of Kimberly-Clark employees around the world.

Some of the projects last year included a new biomass and co-generation facility at Sitio del Niño in El Salvador and a solar panel installation at Barbosa, Colombia. In Europe, our Villey-Saint-Etienne mill in France reduced its footprint of GHG emissions by 10% and generated savings of approximately $850,000 through a variety of energy saving initatives. And in Asia, a fuel switch at our facility in Pathumthani, Thailand from fuel oil to natural gas allowed the mill to significantly impact GHG emissions and cost performance.

By working together across the globe, we’re making smart decisions about how we grow. Our people are committed to finding new methods of generating power and will continue to find savings through expanding energy conservation, alternative energy and co-generation, with a focus on reducing our impact on the environment.

by 2022 we will eliminate nearly 1000000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions from a 2005 baseline


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