Our thinking about sustainability doesn’t end when a product is sold. We’re continuously innovating to design products and packaging that are environmentally-preferred, efficient to produce and that bring secondary value after use.

A global map shows the 5 sustainability partnership programs we have started map

Here are some examples of how:

Helping customers recycle [North America & EMEA]

In addition to supplying the gloves and protective apparel that researchers, lab workers and others depend on for their health and safety, Kimberly-Clark Professional is also helping customers divert used materials from landfills. Through the RightCycle program, we work with customers across more than 140 collection sites around the world to recycle used gloves and garments. RightCycle has grown from recycling just under two tons of material in 2011 to more than 130MT in 2016.

Working through many channels [Latin America]

Together with Teletica, one of Costa Rica’s top TV stations, we established AmbientaDOS to help make the concept of “reuse and recycle” viable in Costa Rica. What started at a single location now includes more than 30 collection centers across Costa Rica operated by various business partners and community associations.

Making the right decision easier [UK & US]

When it comes to recycling, people want to do the right thing. But sometimes the different requirements for various types of material - glass, plastic, metal, paper - can be confusing. To make it easier for people to recycle more, we’ve joined programs like On-Pack Recycling Label in the United Kingdom and How2Recycle in the United States, which provide simple, consistent recycling instructions for packaging.

Filling the recycling gap [Australia/New Zealand]

Until recently, people in many parts of Australia and New Zealand didn’t have a way to recycle some of the flexible plastic packaging of products like KLEENEX, COTTONELLE and HUGGIES. To fill in this gap, we teamed up with a local partner, the RED Group, to start REDcycle. Now, more than 500 drop-off points across the two countries collect these materials. Through a partnership with local manufacturer, Replas, the recycled plastic is being converted into useful products like outdoor park benches and playground equipment for schools and communities. In 2016, more than 3 million pieces of Kimberly-Clark flexible packaging material weighing 13MT were recovered through REDcycle across New Zealand and Australia.

“AmbientaDos” was established in partnership with one of Costa Rica’s top TV stations to encourage people to reuse and recycle.

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New Channel
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Together with Teletica, one of Costa Rica’s top TV stations, Kimberly-Clark established AmbientaDOS to help make the concept 'reuse and recycle' viable in Costa Rica.

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