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The RightCycle Program has diverted more than 500 tons of waste from landfills turning it into new consumer products.

We are continually working to reduce the environmental impacts of our products at all stages of their lifecycle - from raw materials through ultimate disposal, which is why Kimberly-Clark Professional* (KCP) developed The RightCycle Program. This innovative program enables our customers to collect previously hard-to-recycle items, such as Kimberly-Clark Professional* nitrile gloves, safety eyewear, and single-use apparel, and have them turned into new consumer goods.

The RightCycle Program is the first large-scale recycling program for manufacturers and companies with non-hazardous lab, cleanroom and industrial waste. Since its launch in 2011, the program has diverted more than 500 tons of waste from landfills. As part of the program, used nitrile gloves, safety eyewear and single-use apparel items are sent to recyclers and turned into plastic pellets that are used to create new consumer goods such as flowerpots and lawn furniture, totes and storage bins.

Participants in The RightCycle Program have reaped many benefits. For example, Lundberg Family Farms of Richvale, California, credits the program with helping it achieve a Platinum Zero Waste Facility Certification from the U.S. Zero Waste Business Council.

Gloves previously represented about 15 percent of the company's landfill waste. The company now expects to divert four tons of glove waste annually, giving these products a second life.

For current KCP* customers, setting up participation is quick and easy to safely, effectively and responsibly dispose of KCP* product waste.

Expanding for the greater good.

Because safe post-job disposal is so important, we have expanded the range of items to include safety eyewear that can be recycled via The RightCycle Program – and are evaluating new countries that can take advantage of this program moving forward.

Through this expansion, more companies can make good choices about responsibly managing hard-to-recycle products – and make better choices for our environment.


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