Recycling Product
Dispensers to Create
a Circular Business
Model in Brazil

Kimberly-Clark Professional* team in Brazil recovered 84,000 dispensers for recycling.

Kimberly-Clark Professional* (KCP) supplies towel and soap dispensers to customers to use in their washrooms and other facilities. However, sometimes customers change suppliers, and when this happens, the dispensers from the previous supplier are considered waste.

Rather than writing off the old dispensers, KCP’s team in Brazil saw this waste stream as a valuable opportunity to create a circular business model. In 2017, our Brazil team expanded a pilot program to recover dispensers and recycle them at our manufacturing facility in Mogi das Cruzes in Brazil.

Old dispensers are broken down and pieces used in the creation of new dispensers. This not only reduces waste and the need for new raw materials, it saves money. Through this program, our team has been able to recycle or reuse materials from 84,000 dispensers and avoid unnecessary costs.

“This program is helping close the loop in our value chain by giving new life to products that are an essential part of our business,” said Adriana Massignani, KCP Sales. “This supports our global goal to reduce post-consumer waste, and it helps reduce our cost of business—creating both environmental and economic value.”

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We’re continuously innovating to design products and packaging that are environmentally-preferred, efficient to to produce and that bring secondary value after use.

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