Sustainability is a key part of our commitment to create Exceptional Workplaces that are healthier, safer and more productive in Kimberly-Clark Professional.

Safety is a crucial part of our sustainability efforts. Every employee should be able to work safely, every day and return home to their families.

The processes and procedures we have in place are designed to keep our employees free from harm. It’s been this way for almost 150 years, and will continue to be this way as we engage all employees in prioritizing their safety and well-being at work and at home.

The effort is yielding exceptional results. In 2014, our operations achieved a 75% reduction in machinery-related risk as a result of implementing a global safety strategy. We continue to see a reduction in reportable incidents as we strive to make every year our safest year ever.

Safety first

Our employees are our family. We provide employees with the same safety equipment we provide to customers. And we focus on making our production processes, safety procedures and overall mindset as injury proof as possible. Because we believe that no one should be injured to make the products customers know and love.

Safety is more than rules, procedures and safeguards. Safety starts with each and every member of our Kimberly-Clark family prioritizing their own health and safety – and the safety of their colleagues – in every area of our company.

Beyond the job

Most injuries are not caused by equipment but by the failure to recognize risk and avoid adverse situations. So our focus is not only on safe machines, but on caring for the whole person. Our holistic approach to safety includes training employees how to fully understand, assess and avoid risks at work and at home.

This diligence and total organizational culture of safety has helped keep our injury levels at an all-time low, and we plan to keep it that way. And with 91% of employees proudly reporting that they are part of an extremely safe workplace, we will continue to strive toward a totally injury free workplace.


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