We recognize that a sustainable supply chain creates value for our customers, suppliers and us, and minimizes risk to our ongoing business success.

2016 Achievement

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2022 goal

Live our values
through proactive environmental and social programs

All in this Together

We're partnering with companies throughout the supply chain to promote safe and healthy work environments.

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Reforestation and stress relief

Angelica Jimenez shares how the mill worked with the community to protect the supply chain and one of the region's...

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Endless Opportunities

Sandra MacQuillan believes the opportunities for a sustainable supply chain are endless.

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Wastewater not wasted Water

In 2016, Tuas mill invested in an innovative waste water treatment technology - membrane bioreactor (MBR) to treat...

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Global CollaborationDrives Efficiency

By exchanging experiences, we're bringing people closer together- and closer to achieving our goals.

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