We understand the value of materials in our product categories and seek secondary, beneficial uses of these materials from source to shelf – and beyond.

2016 Achievement

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2022 goal

EXTEND OUR ZERO WASTE mindset across the value chain and deliver innovation to help keep product and packaging material out of landfills

Informing Consumers

We’re continuously innovating to design products and packaging that are environmentally-preferred, efficient to...

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Turning lines into Circles

Kimberly-Clark’s environmental manager shows how we can make it easier to identify waste and find a second life for it after use.

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Mindset of value creation

We spoke with John Opsteen about the innovations that are keeping waste out of landfills.

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Thinking Differently about the Product lifecycle

Disposable diapers (known in many parts of the world as "nappies"), make busy parents' lives a lot easier and offer other benefits...

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New Channel for Recycling

Together with Teletica, one of Costa Rica’s top TV stations, Kimberly-Clark established AmbientaDOS to help make the concept...

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