50,000,000 TREES

South Korea is a nation of more than 50 million people, with more than half of the population living in Seoul and its surrounding areas.

Here, an entire generation has grown up in a forest of skyscrapers. But rather than leaving them feeling disconnected from nature, urbanization has fostered a deep appreciation for the forest – and a desire to protect it.

After years of war and rapid industrialization, the forest land in South Korea had been decimated. In response to this situation, Yuhan-Kimberly – the Kimberly-Clark joint venture in South Korea – launched Keep Korea Green in 1984. This campaign focused on educating the public on the importance of protecting the nation’s environment and empowering them to join the effort to revive the country’s forests.

Keep Korea Green celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2014 and met an ambitious milestone of 50 million trees planted while recognizing the thousands of people who made it possible.

As Keep Korea Green enters a new decade, Kimberly-Clark celebrates all the people – employees, families, newlywed couples, students and others – who have worked hard to keep Korea green and provide essentials for a better life for generations to come.

Each year, many Yuhan-Kimberly employees and their families volunteer at Keep Korea Green events.

Keep Korea Green achieved its goal of planting 50 million trees on the program’s 30th anniversary in 2014.It is now focused on continuing to promote people’s coexistence with the planet.


Keep Korea Green’s special events have proven popular with newlywed couples in South Korea.


Hundreds of newlywed couples have participated in Keep Korea Green since 1984.


An important element of Keep Korea Green is Green Camp, which allows future generations of South Koreans to experience nature for themselves.More than 4,000 students have participated in Green Camp since the program began.


At Green Camp, students take part in interactive lessons provided by experts from the Korea Forest Research Institute.



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